Przemyslaw Moskal


Untitled (2002) is an interactive video installation created in collaboration with Edward Tang, Sherri Wasserman, Andres Jimenez, Jimmy Tang for the IV Chopin and Friends Festival in New York. The project plays on the theme of memory and how people perceive and retrieve memory. Memory is represented by drawers, which when opened trigger different images projected on transparent fabric. Similarly to the way dreams work when memories become abstract images and blend with our fears, desires and real events, the transparent fabric blends reality with the digital image creating an illusion of memories floating above the viewer, connecting with his or her interaction and exploration.

Picture of Untitled installation


Installation setup: Individual drawers work as switches, which are connected to two micro-controlers called BX-24. The micro-controlers send a signal to a MIDI device, which works as a hub unifying and organizing the input. Next, the signal is sent to a computer, which then using Macromedia’s Director selects the appropriate video clip and outputs it to the projector.


Development, programming, video and sound: Edward Tang
Development, video and sound: Przemyslaw Moskal
Photography, video and sound: Sherri Wasserman
Video and sound: Andres Jimenez
Video and sound: Jimmy Tang

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