Przemyslaw Moskal

Interactive Art

My principal interest is to create art that implements visual computing and interaction design with elements of surprise or randomness. I treat programming languages, computer networks and hardware as the means of expressing myself and of exploring technical possibilities. The design of interaction is especially important to me because it highlight the present moment and the feelings and emotions that accompany it while viewers interact with my work.

Image of Reflections: Kdron project

Current Work

This is a sneak peek of the upcoming K-dron Virtual Museum. K-dron is a geometrical shape discovered by Dr. Janusz Kapusta in 1985, and patented in 1987. I have worked with Dr. Kapusta on a number of visualizations and presentations over the years but this is the biggest undertaking so far. The museum will be constantly expanding with new exhibitions presenting K-dron’s unique properties and Dr. Kapusta’s tireless work.

Virtual Gallery

I invite you to view my digital art in a newly established virtual gallery. The gallery offers alternative viewing space simulating real gallery experience. 


Virtual Man: Leonardo, 2019

Series of images based on Dr. Janusz Kapusta’s K-dron shape and custom image analysis software.

Invaders Series, 2015-2017

Series of games meant to be played in a public space as a way of banding together for common cause.

Can You Pull The Plug, 2013

Interactive installation that questions the state of surveillance that we currently live in and provokes action.

Reflections: K-dron, 2010

Interactive sound installation based on image analysis and manipulation of live video feed.

K-dron Game, 2009

Mobile game based on the K-dronic Cubes invented by Dr. Janusz Kapusta.

Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds, 2010-12

Virtual environments inspired by analog music.

Reflections Series 2002-2010

Art installation that involves the viewer in pixel painting of the image.

Emotionalist, 2006

Emotionalist explores the struggle between reason and emotion.

K-Dron and Light, 2003

Art installation that connects the viewer with a virtual space composed of K-drons.

K-dron Animations, 2002

Over 18 animations visualizing properties of the K-dron shape.

The Ghost of Time, 2002

Interactive expression of time and space based on the history of the Piast Castle.

Untitled, 2002

Art installation that plays on the theme of memory and how people perceive life.

3D Sound Sculpture, 2002

Playful sound sculpture aimed at visualizing sound in a new way.

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