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Featured Projects

Interactive Video Wall at Canisius College

Old Fort Niagara video link

A mobile webapp allows a user to control a video wall in a public setting. The idea to engage users through a mobile device stemmed out of the observation of people in the area where the video wall is positioned. It is large waiting room with comfortable chairs where students wait their turn to enter a classroom and who usually use their phones in a moment of down time between the classes. The setting presented an opportunity to engage users with a video wall controller that they could access in a mobile browser. Project collaboration: Alexa Rivera and Kathleen Lawver. Click here to view the video of the project.

Old Fort Niagara VR Simulation

Old Fort Niagara video link

Old Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect France’s territory in North America. It’s located in near Youngstown in New York State on the eastern bank of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. The idea behind the project was to construct multiple versions of the fort in Virtual Reality from different time periods and allow the viewer to “time travel” and experience changes made to the fort as they happened during different occupations of the area: French, British and American. Collaboration: Janelle Harb, Alexander Maue and Edward Reyes. Click here to view the video presentation of the project created by my students.

Events and News

20 November, 2019
I gave a presentation titled Interacting with 3D, virtual spaces to a group of instructional designers in Zurich. The group meets regularly and consistst of professionals from a wide range of industries in Switzerland.

7 June - 29 September 2019
K-Leonardo - images I created for Dr. Janusz Kapusta are a part of his exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland. The exhibition is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. The images were generated using software I wrote for images analysis based on Janusz Kapusta's K-dron Shape and da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Click here for more info (in Polish).

8 June, 2019
Virtual Man: Leonardo, a triptych based on Dr. Janusz Kapusta’s shape and software I wrote for images analysis was presented at a group exhibition titled Six at Galeria Autorska Lucjan, Lublin, Poland.

February 3, 2019
Move in Mayhem, a game I helped develop at Global Game Jam 2019 was presented at Open Screens event at Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival. You can download it from GGJ site.

January 25-27, 2019
Global Game Jam 2019: I participated as a 3D modeler and worked with a fantastic team of programmers and designers on a multi-player game about the chaos of moving into an apartment with your friends. It's titled Move in Mayhem. You can download it from GGJ site.

June 16-18, 2018
Old Fort Niagara virtual reality game created and developed under my supervision by Janelle Harb, Alexander Maue and Edward Reyes, was showcased at the Serious Play Conference in Buffalo, NY. Click here to view more information about the project.

June 30 - August 26, 2017
Invaders, an anti-surveillance game designed in collaboration with two of my students Audrey Mulhisen and Jared Brown is part of a juried exhibition at Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center titled Shape of a Pocket, curator Ekrem Serdar. Click here to view pictures from the opening of the exhibition. Visit the project page for more information.

Video Wall video link