Przemyslaw Moskal

Can you pull the plug

Can You Pull The Plug is an interactive installation that questions the state of surveillance that we currently live in and provokes action. The viewer finds himself or herself on the screen of a monitor in an image coming from a surveillance camera. Next to the monitor is an electrical outlet with a sign that reads “Can You Pull The Plug”. The viewer has a choice of pulling the plug and disabling the camera or doing nothing and allowing for the surveillance to continue. 

icon for the installation
Image of Virtual Man: Leonardo


  • Hallwalls 2013 Members Exhibition, Buffalo, NY – Click here to view pictures from the opening of the exhibition.

In addition to this simple interaction, the viewer can examine drawers on which the monitor stands. The drawers are labeled for different governmental surveillance programs and agencies that help enforce such programs, for example: FISA court, PRISM program, terrorist watch list, GPS phone tracking, Internet surveillance, etc. The project is my first attempt at creating interactive work of art with activist undertones that persuades the viewer to take action based on his or her experience with the installation.


Concept and Design: Przemyslaw J. Moskal

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