Przemyslaw Moskal

K-dron Game

K-dron Game (mobile version) is the continuation of the previous print and desktop versions of the game, but this time for a mobile browser. The game is compatible with all smart devices and provides the user with countless patterns that have to be recreated with K-dron blocks. Yes, you will need K-dron blocks to play the game. 

image of K-dron Game


I was introduced to Janusz Kapusta and his K-dron shape in 2002 and ever since, both, the artist and its creation have been an inspiration to me. I have created artworks inspired by K-dron and I collaborated with Janusz Kapusta on projects that explore K-dron’s unique properties.

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Game Development: Przemyslaw Moskal
Concept and K-dron shape: Janusz Kapusta

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