Przemyslaw Moskal

K-dron Animations

In 2002, I had a pleasure of working with renown Polish artist, philosopher and discoverer of K-dron shape, Dr. Janusz Kapusta. During a course of a year, we created over 18 animations visualizing K-dron shape and its many properties. The animations have appeared in Dr. Kapusta’s numerous exhibitions and presentations.

Image of K-dron shape

K-dron Shape

“K-DRON, an eleven-sided spatial form with unique optical, acoustical and structural properties. Discovered by Janusz Kapusta, 1985, patented in 1987. “K”, the eleventh letter of the alphabet; GK-EDRON from greek means surface.”

– from website

K-dron has inspired me to create my own works of art that are based on this shape and its many properties. I believe that K-dron’s properties, as a geometrical shape, are best explored in the Cartesian space simulated by a computer, or technically speaking, in real-time 3D.


Concept and K-dron shape: Dr. Janusz Kapusta
3D modeling, rendering and animation: Przemyslaw Moskal

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