Przemyslaw Moskal


Emotionalist (2006) explores ongoing struggle between reason and emotion, visualizing their very different natures. The design of interactivity amplifies this struggle by making the element of emotion disappear when interaction fades away. The cubic space, which represents the world in which emotions exists, stays indifferent.

Simple user interaction (mouse movement and clicking) generates reactive images and audio. The images are created from a single cube (static element) and a sphere (reactive element) in real time 3D, and are a direct response to user’s action, or a lack of it.

Image of Emotionalist project


  • Presented at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in NYC as part of a group exhibition titled Polyphony of Images, A Night of Cutting-Edge Contemporary Art from Poland: Video, Performance, and Other Media. The exhibition was curated by Monika Fabijanska, art historian and director of the Polish Cultural Institute, 2006. Click here for more information about the event.
  • Presented at the 2nd Media Art Biennal in Warsaw, Poland – Gallery of Media Art, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, 2008


Concept, design and development: Przemyslaw Moskal
Music: “Bacu” by kareem (zhark recordings berlin / released on the Warsaw Electronic Festival Compilation 2003)

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