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Cell Raiders, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY, 2014

Gravity Jump, Canisius Summer Science Camp, Buffalo, NY, 2013

Interactive Video Wall, Dept. of Communication Studies, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY, 2013

Video promo of the Nut Warz mobile game, video by Erik Michaelsen, 2012

Interview for a documentary Game/Create: Creativity in the Gaming Subculture by Garrett Weinholtz, 2011

Phone Inquiry Narrative Gaming, 2009



My research involves experiments on the intersection of Art and Technology as well as educational projects that involve innovative use of digital media. I am particularly interested in design of interaction as a form of artistic communication and my articles on the topic have been published in academic journals and art catalogs internationally.

Selected Faculty-Student Research Projects:

Cell Raiders is an interactive, educational simulation designed for young cancer patients of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY. The project was designed and developed in collaboration with two of my students Brianna Blank '14 and Jashua Smith '14; consultants: Dr. Barbara Bambach and Dr. Adam Kisailus, Roswell Park

Gravity Jump is an interactive, educational simulation of gravity on 4 different planets of our solar system. The project was designed and developed for the Canisius College Summer Science Camp 2013 and it was used by approximately two hundred K12 students from the Buffalo area within the period of one week. It was designed in collaboration with Jamiah Mootry '14 and Joshua Smith '14, consultants: Gary Szczepankiewicz, Steven Szczepankiewicz, Ph.D. and Robert Selkowitz, Ph.D.

Interactive Video Wall
In 2012-13, I led a research and development team that worked on gesture recognition software for a large public display, the Communication Studies Dept. video wall. The project was done in collaboration with three of my students: Brooke Ballard, Steven Lakomski and Brian Russ and is in use today.

Nut Warz
Nut Warz is a mobile game for the Check'Yo Nutz testicular cancer awareness campaign. It was released for Google Play and iTunes in May of 2012. I supervised the design and development of the game, which was done in collaboration with three of my students: Brianna Blank, Brian Russ and Jordan Smith. Click here to download the game for your Android or Apple device.

Artistic Research:

Click here to download Procedural Expressionism catalog (22 MB, pdf) showcasing selected works created in the first decade of my artistic career, years 2002-2012.


I'm an Associate Professor at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York where I teach courses that are part of the Game Design concentration in the Digital Media Arts Program, Communication Studies Department.

The courses I teach at Canisius College include:

  • DMA205 - Digital Graphics
  • DMA206 - Interactive Multimedia
  • DMA213 - 3D Graphics
  • DMA217 - Interaction Design
  • DMA351 - Game Level Design
  • DMA352 - Character Design
  • DMA353 - 3D Dynamics
  • DMA354 - Game Development
  • DMA355 - Character Animation
  • DMA370 - Designing for Mobile Devices
  • DMA371 - Game Design for Mobile Devices
  • DMA408 - Senior Project and Portfolio
  • DMA450 - Serious Games

You can also view my video tutorials here.

Additionally, I co-moderate two student clubs: Digital Media Arts Club and Fusion Gaming Society. I'm also involved in educational exchanges between universities in Poland and Canisius College.