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Reflections: Suite of Light, 2008

Suite of Light link to video

Reflections: Suite of Light is an interactve art / performance piece created in collaboration with Bartosz Smoragiewicz Quintet. The project was presented during Digital Currents exhibition, part of the X International Chopin & Friends Festival organized by New York Dance & Arts Innovations. I designed an interactive environment which transforms physical into virtual, music into light, and movement into image.

Bartosz Smoragiewicz was commissioned to compose music to honor 10th Anniversary of the International Chopin & Friends Festival by the president of New York Dance & Arts Innovation, Mr. Marian Zak. The suite recalls light not only in a sense of perceiving it as a stimulant of impressions but also as a symbol.

Visualizations and development: Przemysław J. Moskal
Music composed by: Bartosz Smoragiewicz

Bartosz Smoragiewicz Quintet:

Suite of Light link to video