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Reflections: Painting With Pixels, 2008

Reflections Painting With Light picture gallery

Reflections: Painting With Pixels is an interactive art installation that involves the viewer, captured via live video feed, in pixel painting of his or her image. The process of pixel painting is stretched in time and fragmental, inviting the viewer to contemplate on the generated image. The video camera captures the viewer in segments of time, displaying him or her on the screen in multiple instances at once. The generated image continuously reinvents itself according to the viewer's position and movement.

Click here to view the project. It requires Flash plug-in to be activated and permission to use the webcam. My recent test showed that it works in Firefox and Safari but it didn't work in Chrome.

Art historian, Agata Myjak wrote:
"Przemysław Moskal’s Reflections is an interactive art installation, which can also be viewed online by anyone who owns a web cam at www.laksom.com. The viewer sees his or her reflection through a digital filter created by the artist. Received image varies depending on the interior, the position of the viewer and the surrounding objects. The generated image is coincidental, unpredictable, and to some degree always surprising, which makes the project more attractive. It is also ephemeral, it disappears when the computer is turned off and can only be viewed on a screen.

The image breaks away from the artist and starts to exist independently, the creator loses his control. At the end, it’s the viewer not the artist who becomes the creator. Przemysław Moskal invites a viewer into a dialog and provokes action and interplay. The project resembles an Internet game with its playfulness rather than an aesthetic experience.

In today’s world of mediocre creations it is difficult to make choices. Przemysław Moskal is not committing himself to any specific image; on the contrary, he accepts all of the possibilities even if they go beyond his expectations and imagination. It’s a very brave and even risky stance.

Reflections can be perceived as a revealing and innovative experiment that opens doors to other intermedial discoveries. The viewer doesn’t have to be a passive recipient; he or she has a chance to express him or herself and to become a creator, if even for a moment. These possibilities are given to many viewers simultaneously, but at the same time intimately, in the presence of just a computer, the project becomes like a mirror fleetingly reflecting the viewer’s image.

A great attribute of this installation is its natural ability to integrate people in a very contemporary, indirect way. Przemysław Moskal’s artwork has a social, interactive, and perhaps event therapeutic character."

- text published for an exhibition at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Poland, 2008

Concept, design and development: Przemysław J. Moskal
Music from a record "Sun Over Lake" by Trzaska and Seed Electronic Ensemble, a project by Mikolaj Trzaska and Jarek Grzesica (Seed Project), 2003.

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Reflections Painting With Light picture gallery