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Reflections: K-dron, 2010

Reflections K-dron picture gallery

Reflections: K-dron is an interactive sound installation based on image analysis and manipulation of live video feed. The plasticity of the digital image, based on Janusz Kapusta’s K-dron shape, allowed me to create an image-instrument for the viewer to interact with. The word "instrument" takes a rather literal meaning, because each K-dron has an embedded sound that is evoked through the collision with additional graphical elements representing traditional music notation, the five- lines staff.

Sound in my work has always played a very important role and in this case it is elevated to the same level of importance as the image, because the viewer- participant has a direct impact on how the sounds are generated. The sounds, which are modeled digitally to mimic the sounds of the piano, were created in connection with 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth celebrated in Poland and around the world in 2010.

Additional aspect of interaction with the installation comes from tele-presence, which happens during the broadcast of the art-event over the Internet or television. The broadcast expands the space of the gallery by the space of all of the viewers that decide to watch and interact with the installation remotely. Remote viewers by using their phones are able to rotate individual lines on the screen, consequently deconstructing traditional, linear representation of music notation. This action by the viewer creates points of intersection, which evoke sounds when colliding with the generated image.

Reflection: K-dron was my doctoral art project created under the supervision of prof. Stanislaw Szymanski at the Cinematography and TV Production Department of the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz, Poland.

Concept, Design and Development: Przemysław J. Moskal
K-dron shape: Janusz Kapusta

Exhibitions and Presentations:

Reflections K-dron picture gallery