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Reflections: Divided 2, 2010

Reflections Divided 2 link to video

Marshall McLuhan stated that technology is an extension of a human body, but he also noted that every technological extension amputates or modifies some other extension. In Divided 2, I attempt to create a contemplative space that explores issues of the real and the virtual self. The project presents a split image of a viewer on a large projection screen. Difficult to recognize at first the image stares at the viewer. Constantly redefining itself it becomes a digital mirror, a digital persona of the viewer reflected in the virtual space that blends our desires, fears and complexes into a distorted, extended self. Divided 2 is my reflection on the parallel lives, real and virtual, that people lead today.

Concept, design and development: Przemysław J. Moskal
Music: Jarek Grzesica

Exhibitions and Presentations:

Reflections Divided 2 link to video