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K-Dron and Light, 2003

K-dron and Light video link

K-dron and Light was inspired by Janusz Kapusta's K-dron shape and its luminous properties when stimulated by light. It is an installation that connects the viewer with a virtual space composed of K-drons through the interaction of physical light and movement. The combinations of K-drons and light evoke unique, mosaic like images, which when leaving traces of color create an ever-changing, spontaneous, and abstract blend of two and three dimensional compositions.

"Developments in computer and telecommunication technology have increased greatly within the past couple of decades, however the way we interact with these technologies has remained unchanged for the most part. The goal of the project is to explore more natural ways of human-machine interaction, moving away from the typical keyboard, mouse and monitor set-up."

- Przemysław J. Moskal, 2003

Financial support: This project was made possible in part by grants from New York State Council on the Arts and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in 2003.

Design and development: Przemysław Moskal
K-dron shape: Janusz Kapusta
Sound design: Edward Tang

Exhibitions and presentations:

K-dron and Light video link