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Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds, 2010-12

Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds is a collection of interactive virtual sculptures and environments inspired by 13 tracks of analog sounds composed by artists of the Warsaw Electronic Festival (WEF).

Photo of a project

Digital Sculptures for Analog Sound, an interactive art installation

The viewer can explore the virtual space and mentally immerses him/herself in a contemplative, stimulating electronic soundscape. The explorations are time limited to the lengths of individual sounds. Some pieces are pure explorations of the surreal and abstract three-dimensional environments, others evolve with time and with development of the sounds. The sounds are played linearly but the interactive experience of the virtual space challenges that linearity. My attempt was to create an interactive audiovisual environment that regardless of the juxtaposition of the linear audio and non-linear visuals develops its own rhythm in time and space through the viewer-participant’s movement.

The analog compilation was conceived by a composer and musician, Krzysztof Cybulski. However, it was Jarek Grzesica, WEF's director, who invited me to create interactive 3D visualizations of the 13 tracks that were selected for the project.

3D digital sculptures and interaction design using Microsoft Kinect: P.J. Moskal
Analog sounds compilation: Krzysztof Cybulski
Producer: Jaroslaw Grzesica, Warsaw Electronic Festival 2010
Analog sounds/tracks: Brunette Models, Lukasz Ciszak, Krzysiek Cybulski, Eta Carinae, Jarek Grzesica, Guiddo, Hau, Kim Nasung, Nmls, noiko, RND, Vasen Piparjuuri, Michal Wolski

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