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  Can You Pull The Plug
  K-dron Game
  Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds
  Reflections: Divided 2
  Reflections: Suite of Light
Reflections: Painting with Pixels
Reflections: Painting with Pixels
  Europa Night Club

Virtual & Real: K-Dron & Light

The Ghost of Time
3D Sound Sculpture

Artist Statement

My principal interest is to create art that incorporates audiovisual and interaction design elements with a dose of surprise or randomness. I treat programming languages, computer networks and hardware as the means of expressing myself and of exploring technical possibilities. The design of interaction is especially important to me, because it evokes a physical and intellectual reaction from the viewer engaging him or her in a creative dialog with my work. It often transforms my art into creations beyond my own expectations, empowering the viewer’s own creative capabilities.

Click here to download Procedural Expressionism catalog (22 MB, pdf) showcasing selected works created in the first decade of my artistic career, years 2002-2012.

Links to my work starting with the most recent one:

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